How to protect outdoor wood and keep it's natural colour

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Project overview

There’s a reason you've bought that front door, because you like how it looks, so why let the weather turn it grey? Our Outdoor Varnish won’t change the natural colour of the wood, or yellow over time, and, because it’s a varnish, it protects from whatever the weather can throw at it.

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Before you start

Before you start, wait for a warm, dry day.

Remove any metal work and cover any areas you don’t want to get varnish on. Then, give the door a good sand – this helps the varnish stick.

Using your Crystal Clear Outdoor Varnish

Open the tin, give it a stir. Brush it on in the direction of the grain. Check you’re happy with the finish by trying it on a small, hidden patch of wood. It’s off-white in the tin, but trust us, it goes on clear.

You’ll need 3 coats to get the best protection. After the second, give the door a light sand. This’ll make the third coat look even better.

With your door clearly protected, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax & enjoy the sunshine.

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