How to prevent mould with Anti Mould Paint

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Project overview

Condensation often leads to mould, which can grow in any home. If you've got it, it won't look great and will probably smell, which means you've got a job to do. But it's easier to get rid of than you think. Our Anti Mould Paint will leave your walls free from mould for up to 6 years. It uses a biocide to attack mould which stops it growing on your paint. This means you can't put anything over it, so remember this has to be your top coat.

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To get started, give the surface a quick clean using our 3in1 Mould Killer spray. It'll kill any mould you've already got.


Then, grab the Anti Mould Paint and give it a good stir. Use a brush or a roller, it's up to you.

Get plenty on and brush out evenly. Remember, if it doesn't match then you'll need to do your whole wall or ceiling. After 4 hours it'll be ready for the second coat.

That's it, you're done.

Give the paint 24 hours to dry, then you can have a relaxing shower or bath, knowing the mould's not coming back for 6 years.


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