Making the right selection: water-based interior varnishes

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Water-based interior varnishes offer the same benefits that you would expect from solvent-based alternatives – and much more. Here’s why you should choose water-based varnish products.

Tough protection

Solvent-based woodcare has traditionally been the go-to and this is, in part, because it has historically been more durable compared to water-based alternatives. However, advancements in water-based formulations mean this is no longer the case. 

Due to the resins in their formulation, water-based varnishes now offer tough protection against knocks, scuffs and scratches, making them ideal for high traffic areas like hallways and living spaces. For superior resistance and durability, choose products that also include a wax emulsion like Ronseal Trade’s Ultra Tough Floor Varnish

Quick drying

Due to the nature of the work, interior projects can be highly disruptive for customers. However, opting for water-based interior varnishes can reduce your time on site. Water-based products are great for getting the job done quickly - for example, Ronseal Trade Quick Dry Interior Varnish will be 100% dry in just one hour. This means that all three coats can be applied in one day, so there is no need for a repeat visit to site and you can fit in more jobs across the week. 

Improved health and safety

Another common issue with solvent-based products is that they emit high VOC levels. These are organic chemicals that evaporate from the woodcare and enter into the surrounding air – and VOCs can be released up to one month after the woodcare has dried. They give off a strong smell and can even cause reactions such as eye, nose and throat irritation. This is a real issue when working on interior projects, where good ventilation may not be achievable. 

Water-based products emit lower VOCs, and therefore offer improved health and safety for you and the customer. This type of woodcare is also better for the environment. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Ronseal Trade Quick Dry Interior Varnish and Ultra Tough Floor Varnish are both BBA Approved, which means they’ve been tested to prove they offer the quick drying times and quality finish we promise. On the front of each tin, you’ll see the BBA logo and reference. 

We have also made the ordering process easier with our Coverage Calculator - simply input the area’s dimensions to find out how much product is needed for the space. 

For more information about the Ronseal Trade range of interior varnishes, click here


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