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When working on garden projects, it’s important to consider the current trends in exterior wood finishes, to ensure you’re delivering designs that customers love. Here, we detail what’s en vogue this Summer, to provide a little inspiration!

After a difficult year, many homeowners will be looking forward to getting out of lockdown and using their gardens as a space to relax, entertain and socialise with friends and family. Further to this, we are now seeing longer, hotter summer days that make spending time outdoors even more inviting. However, before this can happen, many will first want to spruce up their outdoor environments.

At Ronseal Trade, we aim to help in this endeavour, which is why we offer leading solutions like our BBA accredited Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain and Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain in a range of natural colours. In this blog, we examine how to get the most from the colour you’re working with.


The garden fence may not always be at the forefront of the customer’s mind when it comes to updating their outdoor space – but it should not be overlooked. Fencing is the backdrop to the whole garden and choosing the right colour can enhance the overall aesthetic.

For a more traditional look, a neutral tone is a fantastic choice. Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain is available in Dark Oak, Medium Oak or Red Cedar (which represent different hues of brown) and can be perfect when looking to create outdoor environments imbued with a strong sense of nature. These tones enhance the natural look of the wood and should therefore be the go-to for customers interested in the New Urbanites trend and living more sustainably. Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain can also be used throughout the garden to protect elements such as timber borders around vegetable patches, which are becoming an increasingly popular feature.

What’s more, the depth of color offered by Dark Oak, Medium Oak or Red Cedar offer a fantastic platform for other elements to stand out from. This is ideal for customers looking to create a Climate Garden - a tropical oasis with exotic plants that deliver a real sense of vibrancy. This look has been made possible thanks to the rising British Summer temperatures.


Whilst the previously mentioned colourways are relatively dark, they’re nothing compared to Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain in Tudor Black Oak and Forest Green. These dramatic, long-lasting finishes can be used to create a backdrop to bolder colours and features. In general, darker elements amplify the appeal of foliage and bright flowers paired next to them by accentuating their bold hues. Similarly, garden professionals can use the darker finishes to create modern outdoor environments, which look and feel like trendy restaurants and bars.

Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain in Tudor Black Oak and Forest Green are also very in keeping with the City Sanctuary trend - that is, creating an urban yet natural look by contrasting tones like Tudor Black Oak and Forest Green against the more neutral tones of grey stone patios or light coloured decking.

Regardless of the look the customer is aiming for, it’s important to incorporate functional outdoor elements that allow the garden to be used as almost another room in the house. To this end, look to explore the rise of modern garden features, such as portable outdoor projectors, which offer an easy way to create makeshift garden cinemas. To support this effort also ensure the outdoor environment you’re working on has suitable seating arrangements and proper light sources.

As always, make sure that the products you’re choosing for these purposes also deliver on an aesthetic level. Nowadays, there are a multitude of different garden furniture and lighting suppliers, so it’s possible to get products that deliver on both levels. When working with the backdrop of our Tudor Black Oak or Forest Green finishes, we’d recommend either choosing vibrant garden furniture, or keeping it classy with more traditional metal solutions. Either way, the stunning wood finishes give you the perfect platform to build from.


Of course, it’s still possible to use different woodstain options to create lighter outdoor environments. At Ronseal Trade, we offer our 10 Year Woodstain in Natural Oak finish, which does just this. Its neutral tone looks amazing in the summer and can be used to create an on-trend paired back and natural garden that also offers professionals a way of creating luminous garden accessories that radiate sunlight off them. Using these lighter colours can help homeowners to maximise green plants within their outdoor environments, which are increasingly recognised as important components in the battle against air pollution.

Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain can be applied to garden furniture, doors, cladding and window frames and light wood stains, such as our Natural Oak finish can provide a great base to pair colourful flower arrangements from. However, when it comes to choosing other outdoor features, such as furniture or planters, we’d recommend using darker shades like Walnut, Ebony, Deep Mahogany and Dark Oak. In turn, this helps to create a strong contrast between different outdoor elements, which benefits the overarching aesthetic.

For more colour inspiration for your next project, check out our full exterior range here.


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