Everything you need to know about Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain

In this blog, we explain the benefits of using Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain.

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To ensure that timber fencing lasts the test of time, it is important that it is properly protected to offer a durable, long-lasting solution. In this blog, we explain the benefits of using Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain.  

Fencing is an important aspect of any garden. As well as defining boundaries, increasing safety and security and creating a sense of privacy, it can also add to the aesthetic of the garden. What’s more, research by the HomeOwners Alliance revealed that well maintained fences were an important curb appeal feature.

Choosing the right timber

To ensure longevity, the first thing to note is the type of timber used as fencing should always be pre-treated to protect it against water ingress.

Traditionally, wood used to construct fencing would have been protected with a preservative called chromated copper arsenate (CCA), which contains chromium, copper and arsenic. However, in 2006 the sale of wood preserved with CCA was banned under a Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) review.

To meet the current standards, timber used for fencing should be UC4 rated for use outdoors and in permanent contact with the ground. As UC4 timber only has a layer of preservative around the outside of the wood, it is important to make sure that if you cut or re-size the post you apply additional treatment.

Protect fencing long-term

To achieve your customer’s ideal aesthetic and ensure the wood is future-proofed apply Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain. Available in five colours, this water-based product has been formulated with increased wax to offer superior protection against water ingress. This is vital as if water is allowed to seep into the wood it can cause it to swell and warp and in a worst-case scenario it can cause the wood to rot over time. The pigments in the formula also work to protect the wood against UV damage and discolouration.

Thanks to its water-based formula, Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain offers incredibly fast drying times. Once applied, the product is shower proof in just 1-2 hours. As only one coat is needed you can complete the job in one day, reducing disruption to the customer and enabling you to fit in more jobs across the week.

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