Timber garden trends


Summer is always the time when we turn to our gardens to refresh and enjoy them; now having spent months in lockdown, the importance of this has really been cast under the spotlight. For trade professionals called in to landscape gardens and help customers maximise and benefit from the space they have – it’s worthwhile making sure you’re up to date with the latest design trends. Here, we provide a brief overview, focusing on the use of timber and how to ensure gardens look good for the long term.  

The garden has long been seen as an extension of the home and another ‘room’ to enjoy and relax in. Now more than ever people are looking for a sense of calm and comfort from their gardens. With more time spent at home, the UK is also getting more experimental, with a distinct shift this year in trends for boho chic, tribal and botanical prints as well as bold and bright colours. Sales in outdoor bars, kitchens, rugs, and floor cushions have also increased as we look to create both style and comfort – as well as an outdoor space that allows for a wide range of activities.    

Interestingly, even with the UK getting more experimental with their garden designs, timber never falls out of favour, and is still predicted to be in high demand for 2020 and 2021.

Deck it out  

This remains a popular option to incorporate into garden designs. Decking is incredibly versatile and can be used to create different zones within the garden to accommodate homeowners’ needs. It remains a practical choice, providing a flat, stable surface for garden furniture – and it can separate seating and entertainment areas from turfed sections of the garden, where children are likely to play.

Decking is suitable for any project as it can be easily installed over existing paving, concrete, gravel and grass. If treated correctly, decking is also an incredibly durable and long-lasting solution. For example, Ronseal Trade Decking Protector will waterproof both softwood and hardwood decking, to stop it from splitting or swelling during wet weather and prevent greying.

Think about the fencing

Homeowners looking for a really contemporary garden, are turning to trade professionals for vertical timber cladding to be fixed across existing basic panels. It provides that modern feel and vertical gardening has spiked in popularity; people’s efforts being shared across social media channels as they look to get inventive and maximise every inch of space for more foliage and flowers.   

Furthermore, rather than traditional, neutral tones, many customers are looking for a variety of colour, so opt for something bolder. We launched our Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain in Tudor Black Oak as it’s ideal for customers looking to incorporate the charred timber look currently in favour, and a darker backdrop works well, making shrubbery and flowers stand out and look really striking.

Wooden garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture is always a popular choice, as its classic look can complement any style of garden. If you’re called in to work in a garden, it’s worthwhile noting if there’s existing furniture in place that could be refreshed and protected. Recommending it and adding into your quote if required can add a professional touch to your service. Creating in-built wooden seating areas to corners and planting areas is also a nice way to incorporate timber into a space – and add value to your designs.   

Whether it’s new or old furniture, Ronseal Trade Total Wood Preserver offers long-lasting protection for any wood type and will prevent against rot, decay and woodworm attack. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can easily create your customer’s ideal look. For a natural finish and to blend in with the surrounding garden, opt for Ronseal Trade Total Wood Preserver in Clear, Light Brown or Dark Brown. Alternatively, create a statement piece with Black or Green.

Consistency is key

 If your customer is looking to update their outdoor space, it is important to ensure that any new elements are consistent with the rest of the garden. For example, when replacing a fence panel or introducing a new shed, or cabin make sure that they blend in with existing wooden elements.

This can be achieved with a good quality woodstain like Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain. An incredibly versatile product, it can be used on any smooth planed wood including new wood, previously varnished wood as well as doors and windows. You can also choose from a selection of colours, depending on your customer’s preference:

  • Deep Mahogany
  • Natural Oak
  • Walnut
  • Teak
  • Dark Oak
  • Ebony

As with all Ronseal Trade’s pioneering water-based formulas, our 10 Year Woodstain is independently proven to protect from cracking, peeling, blistering and discolouration without the need for a base coat or primer. It also delivers an industry-leading four-hour recoating time, enabling same-day application of the three coats required for both hardwood and softwood surfaces.

With our range of fence and decking care products, you can create an outdoor space that stands the test of time. Our Trade Range has everything you need to protect sheds, fences and decks from the weather and minimise the impact of everyday use over time.

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