Proving it does what it says on the tin

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Here we explain why it’s important to select woodcare products that have been independently tested and provide an overview of the testing process carried out by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) on our own range of Ronseal Trade products.


The importance of independent testing

We all know that to achieve professional results, it’s about getting the right combination between workmanship and high-quality products. This is especially true in the world of woodcare. If the product isn’t fit for purpose, or the formulation and quality simply isn’t up to the task, then you are opening yourself up to the risk of re-doing the work, or customers coming back to you with complaints at a later date. In either scenario – that’s not going to help your bottom line or the reputation of your business.

So how can you be confident that the products you are purchasing can actually deliver the results you need?

This is when independent testing can play a vital role. The British Board of Agrément (BBA) is the UK’s leading certification body for construction products. If a manufacturer chooses to send its products to the BBA, they will undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they are safe and fit for purpose. BBA Approval also provides reassurance that any product claims made by the manufacturer are accurate, and that products can deliver the benefits and results promised.

The BBA provides certification for a wide range of products, from building insulation systems, windows and doors, to paints, sealants, adhesives and more. If a product is BBA Approved, the BBA logo and reference will be clearly displayed on the packaging.


Ronseal Trade products: the BBA Approval process

At Ronseal Trade, making sure trade professionals have absolute confidence in our products is of course a top priority, which is why we have gone through the testing process to achieve BBA Approval. Our Trade products were sent to the BBA’s high-tech test centre in Watford, where they underwent extensive testing.


Over a number of months, the BBA test technicians tested over 400 panels of Ronseal-coated substrate (including steel, hard wood and soft wood). For accuracy, each product was applied to the substrate in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. This included precisely measuring the grammes of product being applied – to the right thicknesses and at the right temperature.


Next, the performance of each product was tested, and the tests conducted were relevant to each product and its usage. The technicians looked into factors such as UV ageing to assess fading and colour changes, resistance against peeling and scratches, water vapour permeability, slip resistance and ease of coating.


In 2019, Ronseal Trade received BBA Approval on its Trade range products, including:

  • 10 Year Woodstain
  • Crystal Clear Exterior Varnish
  • Fencing Stain
  • Decking Protector
  • Total Wood Preserver
  • Polyurethane Varnish
  • Quick Dry Interior Varnish
  • Ultra Tough Floor Varnish
  • Danish Oil


This is clearly indicated on each of the products – on the front of each tin, you will find the BBA logo and reference. This means you don’t just have to take our word for it, but each product has been checked by a third party, and really: it does what it says on the tin.

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