Advancements in exterior water-based woodcare

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Our advanced water-based woodcare formulations mean they are now just as durable as any solvent-based alternative, which is why more landscapers and builders are making the switch.

Here, we explain why you would choose water-based woodcare over solvent-based products. 

A solution that lasts

As long as the wood is prepared correctly, water-based products offer a quality finish that lasts. The resins used in our water-based products mean that Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain, Crystal Clear Exterior Varnish, Fencing Stain and Decking Protector offer tough protection against knocks and scuffs. Unlike solvent-based competitors, they also withstand increases in temperature and will flex with the wood as it expands, preventing peeling and cracking. In addition, our Ronseal Trade water-based products have lower alkyd levels, which means the colour you put on, is the colour that lasts.  

Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain in Ebony colourRonseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain in Ebony colour

Water-based products mean you can finish jobs faster – and more safely

Another major benefit of water-based woodcare products is that they are quick drying – which means you can fit in more jobs each week.

For example, Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain delivers an industry-leading four-hour recoating time, so you can apply all three coats required in just one day. We recommend a maximum of two hours between coats of Ronseal Trade Decking Protector – and with just two coats required, you’re in and out in less than a day. 

Most importantly, all these performance claims are backed by independent testing and our products are BBA approved.

Finally, water-based products are better for the environment and from a safety point of view. They emit lower VOCs, which contribute to the formation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. VOCs can also cause a range of reactions, including eye, nose and throat irritation, risks that are significantly reduced if you use water-based products.

For further information on Ronseal Trade’s range of water-based products, click here.

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