For home

Specialist paints for the DIY jobs you only want to do once

Stop putting off your to-do list, we’ve got all the paints you need to do the job quickly and professionally


Durable paints to help you do the DIY

Versatile and hard-wearing interior and exterior paints protecting against everyday life, wild weather and more.

New 15 Year Protection Direct to Metal Paint

Paint straight onto metal and it’s touch-dry and showerproof in only 30 minutes, ideal for changeable weather.

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Exterior paints for tough outdoor protection

Tough and durable protection for outdoor surfaces including metal, wood and masonry. Minimal prep required and weatherproof against all seasons.

Renovation paints for interior transformations

From floor paints to cupboard paints and tile paints, everything you need to easily transform your home.

Interior long-lasting wood paints

Tough paint that protects your wood against everyday scuffs and scratches. No need to worry about colour fading or yellowing, our stay white formula keeps your wood looking pristine.

Problem solvers for DIY difficulties

Paints and products that easily take care of annoying problems like mould, damp, dirty grout and chipped enamel.

Primers for a smooth start

Primers for all surfaces that leave you with a perfect surface ready for the finishing top coat.