What to buy someone who has it all?

For home

Have you run out of gift ideas after buying the regular aftershave/perfume/sock/tie/gin/chocolate (delete where applicable) the last few years? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve got the answer to your gifting problems.

The stocking filler

Sneak in something unusual into your DIY lover’s stocking this year.

Our Precision Finish Brushes is the perfect fit and will leave your DIY projects looking like they were done by a pro.

For the perfectionist

Forget a calendar or desk tidy, what the perfectionist in your life really needs this Christmas is a gift that keeps the house looking tip top all year around.

No, we’re not talking about a cleaner or housekeeper. We’re talking about wood filler.

Give your home a little loving this Christmas and use Multi Purpose Wood Filler or Smooth Finish 5 Minute Multi-Purpose Filler to get rid of those ugly cracks and holes.

Brighten up your wood and give it a lift with Ronseal Interior Varnish. And just like that, the perfectionist’s home will be back up to scratch.

For the DIY lover

Anyone looking for inspiration for their next DIY project would be thrilled with a tin of chalk paint. It’s perfect for upcycling old furniture and all you need to do is pick your favourite colour.

For the craft enthusiast

Craft enthusiast are usually looking for ways to repurpose old objects or do things a little bit differently. So giving them a tin of our garden paint (which can be used indoors and out) will pose a challenge for them.