Five low maintenance garden ideas

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If you’re not the most enthusiastic or capable green-fingered gardener but still yearn for a garden that looks inviting, then a low maintenance garden is the answer. Low maintenance doesn’t mean you have to ditch the grass in favour of paving slabs or gravel. There are plenty of plants that can bloom on their own with little encouragement from you. And with the smallest amount of effort to begin with, you can create a garden requires extremely little maintenance and still looks good year-round.

Low maintenance shrubs

Evergreens are the obvious choice for low maintenance plants. Once established, they’ll require a little clipping to keep them neat but otherwise need very little attention. Be sure to check the mature height and spread before you make any decisions, otherwise you could end up with an unruly plant taking over your garden.

Fully hardy plants are similar to evergreens in that they can remain outdoors all year round. Always check for this description if you want to create a low maintenance garden, it’ll mean that come winter you don’t have to take any special measures to keep your plants thriving.

Easy flowers

For a little bit of colour, crocus require little maintenance and can grow where you drop them.

Similarly, snowdrops aren’t too demanding and simply need a little bit of shade and a moist area to thrive.

Lavender is another plant that does well on its own. All it needs is pruning to ensure it doesn’t become too unruly and an area that doesn’t become too boggy with water.

If you really want to do as little as possible while adding colour to your garden, head down to your local garden centre to buy some potted plants. They come ready potted and all you need to do is water them. It really couldn’t be easier!

Reduce the size of your lawn

Lawns demand a lot of attention and if you’ve got a large one, you could find yourself spending hours mowing and trimming. A simple solution is to just cut down on this area.

Patches that enjoy swathes of sunlight could be converted into a patio while shadier areas retain the lawn as a spot to escape the sun.

Get the DIY out of the way

One of the biggest drains on your time can often be the DIY projects that you keep putting off. So if your fence needs painting, the good news is that you only need to do it once every five years with our Fence Life Plus treatment. It protects against all weathers and can even be applied to damp wood – so poor painting conditions is now no longer an excuse!

Embrace wabi sabi

The Japanese concept of wabi sabi embraces imperfections and the impact that time has on life. So when you apply this to a garden, it’s fine to let nature run its course. You can let grass grow tall, allow plants to bloom and die and introduce a degree of natural imperfections to your garden. Wabi sabi is best seen in the plants that are left alone – leaves that haven’t been swept up, plants that self-seed and trees with peeling bark. It’s a really easy concept to introduce and will impress neighbours when you tell them your garden is inspired by wabi sabi!