How to protect your decking 5 times faster

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Project overview

We know that staining or oiling your deck can take time to do. That's why our Perfect Finish is great. It's five times faster than using a brush and you'll get everything you need in one pack.

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How to clean decking

Before you start, you need to give your deck a good clean. Use our Decking Cleaner to get rid of dirt and any mould but, more importantly, it'll make your stain or oil last longer.


When your deck has dried, you can start. Our Perfect Finish pad will only take a minute to put together, but make sure you follow the instructions in the pack.

Then, dip the bottom of the pad into the tub, don't soak it.

Start in the furthest corner of your deck. The pad puts on just the right amount for the best protection. You'll have finished your second coat in no time at all.

Once you've finished, just wash the pad in soapy water, so it's ready to use again.

Now you can spend more time relaxing on it and less time painting it.

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