How to paint exterior walls

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Project overview

If you’re a DIY amateur, which let’s face it many of us are, picking the right product to use can seem like a minefield. So if you want to decorate some exterior wood, here’s our no-nonsense guide to all the different types of woodstain, paint and varnish that you’ll need.

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Masonry paint

Woodstains protect your exterior wood from the weather and give it a natural colour. They can be used on exterior windows and doors or you can find specific woodstains for decking, sheds and fences.

Depending on your needs, we have one woodstain that gives you 10 years protection or one that dries in just 30 minutes.

Wall paint

Varnish is best if you want your wood to keep its natural colour but give it the protection of a woodstain. Most varnishes are rainproof in one hour (perfect for our changeable weather…) and are suitable for exterior windows and doors.


Painting brickwork

Wood paint is specially designed to withstand the elements and so it won’t crack, peel or blister. Just like normal paint, it comes in an array of colours so you can choose your favourite.


Painting concrete 

Oils are mainly used on decking and are similar to a woodstain. They’re fast acting and restore the natural oils and colour that decking loses throughout the year. They can help revive an old, worn, grey piece of wood into decking that looks as good as new.


Primer and undercoat

If you’re not the biggest DIYer, wood primer and undercoat should be firmly in your arsenal. It’s a little bit of extra work, but it will mean that you don’t have to paint again for ages.

A primer and undercoat helps the paint stick to the wood without cracking or peeling. It’s suitable for windows and doors and will help you achieve a perfect finish.


Project specific

Because we like to make life easy for you, we’ve divided our products by project area so you know exactly what to pick. Each woodstain, oil or paint is designed to get into every nook and cranny of your decking, shed or fence.

As it’s specific to your project, we make each product extra tough in the right area. So, our decking protector can handle heavy footfall and our fence treatments keep your fence strong and sturdy.

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