Get a longer lasting, tough finish.

Radiator Paints Radiator Enamel

Stays White.

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Radiator Paints

Painting radiators can be boring and fiddly. Our radiator paints are easy to use, will last longerĀ and stay white.


Radiator Paints

Get a tough, long lasting finish. You can do it in one coat, or get a longer lasting whiter finish in two.

SW Radiator Paint 750ml.png

Stay White Radiator Paint

Are you looking for a long term solution for painting your radiator? Ronseal Stay White Radiator Paint. No primer, no strong smell. Job done!

OC Radiator Paint 750ml.png

One Coat Radiator Paint

Use our One Coat Radiator Paint for a long lasting, heat resistant finish. Apply with a brush, job's done in just over 2 hours.

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Quick Dry Radiator Spray Paint

If you're in a hurry and need to sort out the radiators, use out Quick Dry Radiator Spray Paint. Two or three coats and you're done.

Radiator Enamel

If you want to add some colour with gloss or emulsion, use our enamel over the top.

Radiator Enamel_QD_750_2012 Gloss.png

Quick Drying Radiator Enamel

If you want to add some colour to your radiators use some gloss or emulsion. Then paint over it with our Quick Drying Radiator Enamel.

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