Ronseal One Coat Grout Pen

Before You Start

Clean the grout to get rid of any mould or stains.

Using Your Grout Pen

1. Shake the pen until you hear it rattle. The nibs are reversible so choose which end you want to use. The round end covers larger areas and the flat end will give neater lines.

2. Hold the nib down on some paper until paint starts to come out. 

3. Use it like a regular pen; be careful you're not too heavy handed as the paint will come out fast and overflow. 

4. Use it on vertical grout lines first.

5. If you get any paint on your tiles, use a damp cloth to remove it. 

6. To cover large areas, you may need to use the spare nib. Simply take the old nib out and slot the new nib into the barrel.

7. Leave to dry for 24 hours. 

Usage Areas: Enamel, porcelain, fiberglass and ceramic.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Interior Grout Lines.png
Drying time
24 Hours

Product reviews

Grout Pen by delboy

I would recommend that your pen has 2 nibs, as some filling are rough at the edges (wearing the nib out earlier)leaving the paint a quarter full; and no way to use it up. I tried your product time and again, that is its fault.

Date submitted by: 24 November 2016

Works well with tile paint by Great result

I used this after painting my kitchen tiles with ronseal tile paint and the result was amazing! I did test it on the old Grout prior to painting and it didn't work as well, it seemed to soak in and looked like it Would need several coats.

Date submitted by: 09 October 2015

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