Ronseal Anti-Bacterial Worktop Oil

Getting rid of bacteria from wooden surfaces can be tough. That's why our Anti-bacterial Worktop Oil is great because it prevents bacterial growth. It uses the anti-bacterial qualities of Silver to kill E Coli and MRSA. The oil nourishes wood and leaves a natural finish. Don't worry, it won't colour your lovely wood, it just gives a clear coating. For best protection apply twice a year. 

Before You Start

Prep - Bare 
Give the surface a light sand before you start, make sure you wear a face mask as there might be some dust. then wipe down with white spirit and leave to dry before oiling. 

Prep – Previously treated 
Make sure the worktop surface is clean, dry and in good condition.

Using your Worktop Oil

Give the tin a good shake for 1 minute before you use it. You can use either a brush or a cloth to apply it. 
For the best results, apply several thin coats and leave for 10 minutes before wiping off.
Apply 3-4 coats leaving 24 hours between each coat.

Usage Areas: All interior wooden worktops.
Compatibility: Bare and previously treated worktops.
Clean Up: Clean all brushes in warm, soapy water.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Wooden Worktops.png
Drying time
24 Hours

It takes no time at all

Your surface area

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