Ronseal Laminate Floor Seal

Brings life back to your worn laminate floors. It covers small scratches and scuffs leaving your floors protected and looking great. 

Before you start:

Give your floor a quick clean with our Wood Floor Cleaner to remove any dirt and stains. If your floor has worn through to the backing board, it may be time to replace it - we can't work miracles. 

How to use:

First, shake the bottle and dampen the pad or cloth with a little water. The, starting in the corner furthest from the door, gently squeeze the bottle onto the floor. Use your pad or cloth to smooth it out. Leave a thin coat - don't rub it in. 

Leave it to dry and recoat in 1 hour.

To keep your floors looking good, reapply whenever they start to look worn or tired. 

How do I use it?

Areas of use: outside
Wooden Floors.png
Drying time
1 Hour

It takes no time at all

Your surface area

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