Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler

Our Multi Purpose Wood Filler can be used for any small wood repairs. It'll leave a tough repair that flexes with the movement of your wood so it won't crack.

Before You Start

Test the filler on a small, hidden area of your wood to check you are happy with the colour. Lightly sand the area to be filled. Give it a quick wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of any loose bits and leave to dry. 

Using Your Filler

Push the filler firmly into the hole or crack. You should leave the filler slightly raised above the wood to make sure the repair is filled. Before it dries, smooth it with a wet knife. Fill deeper holes in 5mm layers, leaving 2 hours between each layer. 

After 2 hours it'll be dry and you'll be able to drill, sand, plane, file, nail and screw into it. Then you can paint, varnish or stain it. Try the colour out on your test area first.  

Usage Areas: Interior and exterior small wood repairs. 
Compatibility: Any size hole.
Clean Up: Wash your tools in warm, soapy water.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors

Product reviews

Ok product, lousy packaging by Hugh gregory

This stuff is good, but it needs thorough mixing. If you buy it in tube form, you can't mix it. You get an initial squirt of water, which makes the work area / hole soaking wet, and then the remaining filler is so stiff that it wont come out of the tube. Have had to cut the entire top off tHe tube, mix the contents with a screwdriver, and squeeze the filler onto a pallete knife. UNEXPECTEDLY messsy, and not up to the usual standard.

Date submitted by: 06 February 2017

best i have used by john.thornton

Over the years I have used a lot of different wood fillers, but none come close to conceal wood filler, possible to buy cheaper, but if you want to make a good job, use this product

Date submitted by: 26 January 2016

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