Ronseal Expanding Foam Filler

Ronseal Quick Drying Expanding Foam Filler is ideal for filling large & awkward size gaps on interior & exterior surfaces. The quick drying formula can be used on wood, metal, glass or masonry yielding up to 2.5 times its initial volume to fill any size repair.
The simple to use trigger applicator ensures smooth consistent filling of the hole minimising any overfill, whilst the advanced liquid foam can be used to provide insulation against heat, sound and moisture.

Before You Start

Ensure good ventilation during use. Ensure surface and hole are clean and free of grease and loose material. Cover furniture, carpets and surrounding areas and mask off any brickwork.

Using Your Filler

1. Shake can well for at least 30 seconds.

2. Carefully screw the nozzle onto the valve.

3. Moisten the surface with water.

4. Hold the can upside down and start filling from the lowest point, shaking the can occasionally during use.

5. Only fill half of the gap to be filled as the foam will expand up to 2.5 times the initial volume.

6. Once dry, Ronseal Expanding Foam Filler can be cut, sanded, plastered or painted.

If exposed to sunlight, the foam must be coated. Never use tools on the valve and avoid excessive bending of the valve as this may cause accidental product release.

Usage Areas: Wood, metal, glass and masonry.
Compatibility: Any size hole or crack.
Clean Up: Remove any spillage with nail polish remover. 

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors

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