Wood and Wall Fillers

The prep you need to get a better finish.

Wood Fillers Wall Fillers

Smooth Finish.

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Wood and Wall Fillers

In almost any DIY job you'll come across a hole, crack or gap you wern't expecting. But with our range of fillers you'll be able to fix just about anything.

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Wood Fillers

Before you paint or varnish your wood have a quick check for any gaps, cracks or holes. You'll want to get these filled in before you start to get the best finish. Our wood fillers can be used inside or out and come in a range of colours to match your wood.

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Multi Purpose Wood Filler

Our Multi Purpose Wood Filler can be used for any small wood repairs, inside or out. It’ll leave a tough repair that flexes with the movement of your wood, so it won’t crack.

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High Performance Wood Filler

Our High Performance Wood filler is ideal for major wood repairs. It fills to any depth. Can be used inside or out. And, if you use it with out Wet Rot Wood Hardener, repairs rotten wood.

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Wet Rot Wood Hardener

Our Wet Rot Wood Hardener strengthens rotten wood. Ready for filling with our High Performance Wood Filler.

Wall Fillers

Big holes to small cracks, inside or out... we've got a filler for it.
All of them are easy to use, easy to sand and leave a tough fix. So you just need to pick the best one for your job.

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Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler

Use our Multi-Purpose Filler indoor on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.

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Super Flexible Smooth Finish Filler

Use our Super Flexible Filler to fill gaps between areas that can move or shift, like skirting and walls.

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5 Minute Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler

Our 5 Minute Multi-Purpose Smooth Finish Filler is a lightweight filler that won't sag. Ideal for ceilings and large repairs.

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Big Hole Smooth Finish Filler

Our Big Hole Smooth Finish can be used to fill 5cm holes in one go. It dries in 2 hours and can be drilled or screwed into.

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Expanding Foam Filler

Ronseal Expanding Foam Filler can fix any size hole, inside or outside.

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Exterior Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler

Our Exterior Multi-Purpose Smooth Finish Filler is best for fixing all outdoor plaster, stone and concrete.

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Hairline Crack Smooth Finish Filler

Small cracks can happen frequently, but they can be repaired quickly with our Hairline Crack Filler which can be painted over after 1-2 hours.

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Multi Purpose Powder Smooth Finish Filler

Our Multi-Purpose Filler Powder Smooth Finish Filler gives you the finest finish. It dries in 2 hours and is easy to sand, and won't crack.

Filler 330g QD 2014.png

Quick Drying Smooth Finish Filler

Our Quick Drying Smooth Finish Filler gets the job done in just 30 minutes and you can use it on plaster, stone, concrete and wood.

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