Ronseal Damp Seal Aerosol

Our One Coat Damp Seal permanently blocks damp stains on walls and ceilings. You can even put it onto damp walls. It lets trapped moisture escape without causing any more damage.

When it's dry you can paint or wallpaper over it. 

Before You Start

Make sure your room is above 10°c. Open your doors and windows for ventilation. Put down dust sheets to protects anything you don't want to get paint on and mask the surrounding areas to avoid overspray. 

Prep - Newly plastered walls: If you've had your walls and ceilings plastered, leave it to dry for 7 days. Then seal it before putting on our Damp Seal Paint.  

Prep – Previously painted walls: Get rid of any loose paint or plaster by giving it a quick sand. If you've got mould, get rid of it by using our 3in1 Mould Killer

Using Your Aerosol

Shake the can until you hear it rattle, then keep going for 1 minute. Hold the can upright, 20-30cm away from the wall or ceiling and spray from side to side to get an even finish. Put on 2-3 coats, leaving 10 minutes between each coat. 

Leave the paint to fully dry for 24 hours before you start to decorate. 

Usage Areas: All interior walls and ceilings. 
Compatibility: Bare and previously painted walls and ceilings. 
Clean Up: Turn the can upside down and spray for a few seconds. Then wipe the nozzle with a damp cloth.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Indoor Walls and Ceilings.png
Drying time
10 Minutes

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