Ronseal 3 in 1 Mould Killer

Kills, cleans & protects against mould. It breaks down mould and removes it from paint work.

How to use it

  1. Squeeze the trigger to break the tamper evident seal. Repeatedly squeeze the trigger, applying direct to the surface ensuring it is wetted thoroughly (wear suitable gloves).
  2. Leave for 5 minutes then wipe the surface using a damp cloth or sponge removing the mould.
  3. Once the mould has been removed, wipe away any residual grime with a clean damp cloth. Clean Up Rinse cloths or sponges in warm, soapy water.

Usage Areas: For use in areas where mould is present.
Compatibility: Suitable for use on, bare or previously painted walls and ceilings.
Clean Up: Clean cloths and sponges in warm soapy water.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: Indoors
Indoor Walls and Ceilings.png
Drying time
5 Minutes

Product reviews

Great Product by Meg

It's the best anti-mould spray I've had. It kills the mould and keeps the walls clear for the longest of all sprays plus it does not smell of bleach like others do

Date submitted by: 21 December 2016

Did Nothing by Did nothing!

I have just used this spray as directed. The mold looks the same as when I started- I'm furious! I've just wasted an hour upstairs. Will buy another product this weekend that actually does get rid of the black mold.

Date submitted by: 24 November 2016

Amazing by Jade stirling

We have Had lots of trouble with Damp/ Mould in our bedroom as we have poor Ventilation from ouR small bathroOm as it has no window. We were advised at b&q that This product would do the job... IT took us just over an hour to get our bedroom back spotless (the mould was exeptionally bad and had spread nearly a quater of the ceiling) I would definitely Reccomend this product to anyone and i will always be Using ronseal in the future.

Date submitted by: 10 May 2015

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