How to Quickly Paint your Fence

Treating your fence can seem like a boring way of spending your weekend, but with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer it doesn't have to be.
Our sprayer has two spray settings for speed and accuracy, so you can treat a fence panel in less than 3 minutes .
Choose a warm, dry day, and don’t spray in windy weather, otherwise you could end up spraying more than just your fence
Cover up anything you don’t want to get product on.
Give your Ronseal Sprayable liquid a good stir.
Push down the handle of the sprayer and turn anti-clockwise until the pump pulls out.
Pour the product into the sprayer, the fill level indicator makes it easy to see how full the sprayer is – it can hold 5 ltrs, enough to treat about 6 fence panels.
Then put the pump back in and turn the handle clockwise to fully tighten.
Before spraying, you’ll need to pump up the sprayer; you can use the foot stand to hold it in place.
The accuracy setting has a narrow spray width, perfect for outlining and spraying those fiddly parts of your fence. Hold the nozzle about 15cm away from the fence and start spraying. Twist your arm 45 degrees when changing direction
When you’re ready to fill in the gaps, switch to the speed setting which will give you a larger spray width. You’ll need to hold the nozzle a bit further away than you did for the accuracy setting - about 20 to 25cm. Make sure to overlap where you've sprayed so you don’t get any gaps
You’ll be finished before you know it.
Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Precision Finish Fence Sprayer

Treat a fence panel in less than 3 minutes with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer.

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