How to Protect your Garden Fencing in 2 Minutes

If you want to spend all day painting your fence, then our new power sprayer isn't for you. It paints a fence panel in just 2 minutes.

It's got 3 power settings, so it's easy to use.

Step One:

Choose a warm, dry day. Don't do it when it's windy. Before you start, get your garden and fence ready. Place sheets over any flowers or plants, and give your fence a good brush down to get rid of any dirt or moss. Then clip the sprayer onto the Sprayable Fencelife tub. Or pour it into the sprayer bucket.

Step Two:

Now you're ready to spray.

Use setting 1 to do the fiddly parts. It's best to outline your fence panel first.

Hold the nozzle about 15 centimeters away, and start spraying. Twist your arm 45 degrees when changing direction.

Step Three:

When you're ready to fill in the gaps, switch to setting 2 or 3.

2 gives a bit more control, and 3 will do it faster. You'll need to hold the nozzle a bit further away than you did for setting 1.

Make sure you overlap where you've sprayed, so you don't get any gaps. You'll be done in no time at all.

Job done. You can do something more interesting with the rest of your day.

Ronseal. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

Products used

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Precision Finish Power Sprayer

Spray and treat a fence panel in 3 minutes with our Precision Finish Fence Sprayer. The quickest and easiest way to treat a fence!


One Coat Sprayable Fence Life

Our One Coat Sprayable Fencelife is the quickest way to colour and protect your fence. You only need to put on one coat and it'll be dry in two hours.

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