• Tiles & Cupboards
    • How to brighten up your kitchen tiles
      • Tools required
        Cleaner with bleach
        3 in 1 grout cleaner
        Tile Paint
        Grout Pen

        If you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a freshen up, but can’t afford a full makeover, then our Tile Paint is the next best thing. It’ll give your room a different look but at a fraction of the price, without the hassle of re-tiling.
        We have a choice of 13 colours and you’ll only need to use a primer if you’ve selected a much lighter colour to your existing tiles.

        Step 1
        Scrub your tiles with a cleaning product containing bleach; this will get rid of any dirt and grease and will help your paint stick to the tiles better. Give the grout in between your tiles a scrub with our 3 in 1 grout cleaner. It gets rid of any dirt and mould in the grout. Make sure it’s all dried out before you start painting.
        Step 1

        Step 2
        If you are painting over dark tiles, it’s best to use our All Surface Primer first. This will save you having to do a second coat of paint. When you’re ready to start painting, grab your tin of Tile Paint and give it a good stir. Dip your paint brush in the tin and make sure you’ve got plenty on then brush over the tiles. You don’t have to worry about grout lines, you can paint them back in later with our grout pen. Finish each tile by painting upwards, this will catch any drips.
        Step 2

        Step 3
        Finally, make sure you leave the room for 48 hours before you let it get steamed up.

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