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    • How to transform tired radiators
      • Tools requiredDust SheetWooden stick to stirSynthetic Brush If you used gloss paint on your radiators, you might notice they’ve been starting to look a bit yellow. Brilliant white radiators look much better. So to get yours back to white we have 3 products to choose from.Our One Coat Radiator Paint is really easy to use, because you only need one coat. It doesn’t need a primer, so you can get the job done really quickly. For an even quicker finish, we also do it in an aerosol.To guarantee a longer lasting white, we have our Stay White Radiator Paint. You don’t need a primer with this either, but you will need to apply two coats. It’ll be worth it as it’ll stay white for much longer.Now, how to do the job.Step 1Make sure the radiator is switched off and cold. Give it a good clean with soapy water, so it doesn’t have any dirt on it, making sure it has dried before you start painting.Step 1Step 2Whichever of our products you choose, make sure you give it a good stir before you start (or a good shake if you’re using our aerosol).If you’ve chosen our One Coat, that’s simply all you need.If you’re using our Aerosol, you might need two, as it applies the paint more thinly. Leave 15 minutes between each coat.For our Stay White Radiator Paint, you will need 2 coats, so leave 6 hours between each coat.Finally, keep your radiators cold for 24 hours after the last coat of either paint or aerosol.Step 2Step 3Stand back and admire your handy work. Job done.
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