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    • How to achieve the Perfect Finish on your floor
      • Tools requiredPerfect Finish Floor Varnish120 grade sandpaperWood FillerVacuumWhite Spirit240 grade sandpaper You want to keep your wooden floors looking beautiful. That means protecting them against shoes, spills and scuffs. That’s what our Floorcare range is for. There are three different kinds of finishes. Our Floor Varnish and Floor Wax give diamond hard protection. Floor Oil nourishes the wood, but you'll need to use it more often. To get a perfect finish on your flooring, try our Perfect Finish Diamond Hard Floor Varnish. It comes with our Perfect Finish pad that puts on just the right amount, so you don't get any brush marks. Its long handle also takes the backache out of varnishing your floor. It dries quickly, in just 30 minutes and will give diamond hard protection against knocks, scuffs and scratches whilst leaving a natural looking finish that shows off the grain of the wood. All you have to do is choose from any of our natural wood tones.Step 1You need to give your floor a good sand with 120 grade abrasive sandpaper. This will help to get any old coating or previous product off your floor and will help your varnish to stick better. Make sure you fill any holes up with wood filler and smooth out the surface once dried. Allow the dust to settle from sanding, then you need to vacuum the floor so you don’t get any bits in your finish. Wipe the floor over with white spirit and make sure you allow it to dry thoroughly before you begin.Step 1Step 2Put your Perfect Finish Floor Pad together by following the instructions in the pack - don’t worry, it’s not rocket science.Dip the pad into the varnish gently, you don’t need to soak it, just a quick gentle dip is enough and scrape off the excess on the edge of the tub.Step 2Step 3Start in the opposite end of the room to the door; this will make sure you don’t varnish yourself into a corner!Pull the Perfect Finish Floor Pad towards you down the board in long smooth strokes. Work on a couple of boards at a time so you don’t get overlap marks.When you get to the other side of the room, turn around and apply from the other end, ‘feathering’ in the middle of both coated areas so as to reduce the overlap marks.Apply 3 coats, and leave 2 hours between each coat.After the second coat, you need to lightly sand the wood with 240 grade sandpaper, then wipe over with a damp cloth. Leave this to dry through before you apply the final coat.
    • How to care for a waxed floor?
      • Our Diamond Hard Floor Wax is just as tough as a floor varnish but leaves a more natural waxed finish. It can stand up to the heavy footfall, knocks, scrapes and scuffs that everyday life throws at it. You can use it on all interior wooden flooring. With waxed wood floors, the best way to keep them looking their best is to give them a good clean every now and then. 
    • How to sand a floor?
      • We know prep is a pain, but it’s worth it to get your floors looking their best. Start by sanding your floor. This will give the wood an even finish and help the varnish to stick. The easiest way to do this is with a floor sander. Use 120 grit sandpaper and go along the length of the boards. Make sure to wear a face mask, because it creates a lot of dust. Let the dust settle. Then give it a vacuum and wipe it down with white spirit. If you notice any holes or imperfections use our Multi Purpose Wood Filler to fill them in. 
    • How to prepare concrete floor for painting?
      • We know floors have to stand up to a lot. So we’ve made sure this paint is tough. It doesn’t just look good. It stands up to everyday scuffs, spills & scratches. New concrete floors need to be left for at least a month before painting. Wire brush the floor to help the paint stick. If your floor has been previously painted or varnished, make sure any loose bits are completely removed. Bare concrete will need to be sealed before painting. You can do this with a stabilising solution, or dilute some paint with around 10% water. Once your floor is prepped you can get on with painting it. Start in the furthest corner from the door, put the paint on using a large, good quality synthetic brush. Or you can use a roller, it’ll do the job quicker, but may need an extra coat. For the best finish you’ll need to put 3 coats on, leaving 4 hours between each. Before putting the last coat on give the floor a light sand with 240grit sandpaper and wipe clean. After the last coat you’ll be able to walk on the floor after 4 hours.
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