Garden Decking Ideas & Tips

  • Garden Decking Ideas & Tips
    • How to give your decking the Perfect Finish
      • Tools requiredDecking Cleaner and ReviverUltimate Protection Decking Stain or OilStiff bristle brushWe know that your decking was an investment, so you need to protect it to keep it looking great. Our Ultimate Protection Perfect Finish kits are great for doing this – and you don’t even have to get down on your hands and knees to use it. You get everything you need in one pack, all you have to choose is if you want an oil or a stain. Oil will nourish your deck and keep it looking natural by adding just a bit of colour. A stain is better for a greyed or older deck, or if you want a richer colour. Step 1Give your deck a good clean with our Decking Cleaner and Reviver. This will get rid of any dirt and mould from your deck, but will also make your stain or oil stick even better.Step 1Step 2Put the pad and the pole together, making sure you use the instructions in the pack. Dip the pad evenly into the stain, there’s no need to soak it.Step 2Step 3Starting at the furthest corner of your deck, push or pull the pad down the direction of the decking boards. Apply it in long, smooth strokes, and make sure you work on a couple of boards at a time so you don’t get overlap marks. Whether you use our Stain or Oil, you can re-coat after 4 hours.After your second coat, it’ll be rainproof after just 90 minutes. You can wash your pad in soapy water, ready to be used again next time. Remember, Ultimate Protection Decking products last twice as long as others, so it’ll be even longer before you have to do this again.
    • How to breathe life back into Hardwood garden furniture
      • Tools required120 grade sandpaperSynthetic BrushGarden Furniture ReviverWhite SpiritEven hardwood furniture struggles to stand up to the unpredictable weather – from rain, snow and heat, our weather has a lot to put up with throughout the year. If you want to keep your furniture looking good, you need our Hardwood Furniture Stain. It protects your furniture in all weather and it will make your garden furniture look great too as you can choose from six different colours.Firstly, you’ll need to assess the condition of your garden furniture. If your furniture is in fairly good condition and you just want to protect it, you will need a brush and some sandpaper. If it’s looking a little bit grey, pick up some of our Garden Furniture Reviver too as this will make the end result look even better.Step 1Give the wood a light sand using 120 grit sandpaper to remove any old coating. This will not only help the stain stick better but it will make sure that it lasts longer too.Step 1Step 2Give your furniture a wipe down with white spirit to get rid of any dirt, and then let it dry out. It’ll also get rid of any dust left over from sanding.Step 2Step 3Now you’re ready to start painting. Make sure you give the stain a good stir before you use it. Apply even coats, brushing down the wood in the direction of the grain. A good tip is to make sure you cover all the end grains of the wood. You will need to give it 3 coats, and leave 4 hours between each coat. Before you use your garden furniture again – leave it for 48 hours. There you have it, your newly refreshed garden furniture.
    • How to get the Perfect Finish on your garden furniture
      • Tools requiredPerfect Finish Garden Furniture Oil120 grit sandpaperWhite spirit If you’re short on time, but want to keep your garden furniture protected from the weather and looking great, you need our Perfect Finish Garden Furniture Oil. This pack that has everything you need for the job. The Oil is really nourishing and it protects your furniture from anything the weather can throw at it. More importantly, it’s rainproof in an hour. Using our Perfect Finish Pad gets the job done quickly as it only takes seconds to assemble and is easy to use. The pad applies just the right amount of oil to keep your furniture protected.Picture of Ronseal Perfect Finish Garden Furniture OilStep 1Give your wood a light sand with 120 grit sandpaper, then clean it using white spirit to get rid of any dirt and dust.Step 1Step 2Gently lower the pad in the tub, there’s no need to soak it. Then apply the oil in long smooth strokes. The base of the pad applies just the right amount of oil needed. This means you can cover big surfaces much quicker.Use the front edge of the pad to get in between the slats of your furniture. This will make sure you’re protecting it all.Step 2Step 3When you’ve finished, just wash the pad out in water. It’s then ready for you to use again. You should top up about every 6 months to keep the oil nourishing the wood.
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