Ronseal Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil

Our Perfect Finish Hardwood Oil keeps your garden furniture looking great. It’ll get the job done fast and you won’t get oil all over your hands. This oil gives ultimate protection. It’ll last twice as long as other Hardwood and Teak Oils. You’ll only have to use it once a year. If you’re after something that’ll last longer and give more colour try our Hardwood Furniture Stain.

Before You Start

Make sure it’s a warm dry day (above 10ºC) and that it’s not going to rain. The wood needs to be clean and bare, this’ll help the oil soak in. You’ll need to sand off any paint or stain. Even if your furniture is new, a light sand will get rid of any rough splinters. Put on a face mask so you don’t breathe in the dust. Then give it a quick wipe with white spirit to remove any dirt or grease.

Using Your Furniture Oil

First, you’ll need to put the pad together – the instructions are on the side of this tub. Give the oil a good stir and dip in the pad. Check you’re happy with the colour, find a hidden area like the underside of the table and try it. Push or pull the pad in the direction of the grain. Use the angled edge to reach between slats. To get the best protection use 3 coats, leaving 4 hours between coats. If you get any oil on yourself, wash it off with warm, soapy water. Over time you’ll see the colour fade. For the best protection it’ll probably need doing every 12 months.

Cleaning Up

Scrape as much oil as you can off your pad and wash it out in warm soapy water. Leave it to dry with the green side facing up. Don’t pour any left over oil down the drain or into watercourses. Your local authority may have special ways to get rid of unused products.

Usage Areas: All hardwood garden furniture (Teak, Oak, Mahogany etc). You can't use it on garden furniture that is painted or stained.
Application: With the Perfect Finish pad.
Coverage: This 750ml tub is enough to cover a garden table and 4 chairs. That's around 6mwith 3 coats.
Dry Time: It'll be rainproof in 2 hours and needs 4 hours between coats.

How do I use it?

Areas of use: outside
Smooth Planed Wood.png
Semi Transparent
Perfect Finish Pad
Drying time
4 Hours

It takes no time at all

Your surface area

Product reviews

This product does not cover what it says on the tin by D wilson

I Purchased this product from homebase, cost £16.99. Coverage states a 750ml tub is enough to cover a garden table and four chairs allowing for 3 coats. This is misleading, it actually covered 2 coats applied to table top and 1 coat to single chair. Had the coverage information been correct i would have been happy with the product but I'm now left in a position of having to purchase a further 4 tubs to complete the job. Total cost to treat 1 table,2 bench seats and 2 single seats £84.95

Date submitted by: 18 June 2015

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