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Garden Furniture

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Garden Furniture Oils Garden Furniture Stain

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Garden Furniture Care

You want your garden furniture to look its best. It needs protecting, or it could end up ugly and grey.

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Garden Furniture Oils

Hardwood Oils waterproof your wood and stop it from drying out and going grey. You'll need to use them regularly to keep wood looking its best.

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Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil

Keep your furniture looking great by protecting it from greying with our Hardwood Furniture Oil, we have a range of natural tints to choose from.

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Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil

Our Perfect Finish Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil comes with a pad to helps you cover all of the hard to reach places. Get the job done with less mess!

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Teak Oil

Our Teak Oil will help you keep your hardwood furniture looking natural. It offers a few months of protection. For something that lasts longer use our Ultimate Protection Hardwood Furniture Oil.

Garden Furniture Stain

Stains will give your wood richer colour and longer lasting protection, so you don't have to re-coat as often as an oil 

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Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain

Need long term protection for your garden furniture? Our Hardwood Furniture Stain protects against the rain and sun for over 3 years.

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