Garden Cleaners and Prep

Garden Furniture Decking

Give your furniture a new look.

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Cleaners and Preparation for your Garden

For lasting protection, it's all about the prep. Before you put on a stain, oil or paint you'll need to prep wood or just give it a good clean. Our Stripper is great for getting rid of tired stains and oils. Our Restorers are great for bringing grey wood back to life. It may seem like a bit of hard work, but it will pay off when you get the perfect finish.

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Garden Furniture

Get your garden furniture looking its best before you recoat it this summer, by getting the prep right first.

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Garden Furniture Cloths

These are great for putting on our oils. They're lint free, so you wont get any annoying cloth fibres in the finish

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Garden Furniture Cleaner

Are you having a problem with grease, dirt and algal growth? Use our quick and easy Garden Furniture Cleaner. All you need is a clean cloth.

Garden Furniture Stripper 1L_v7.png

Garden Furniture Stripper

Remove old paint or stain from your garden furniture with our Garden Furniture Stripper. You won't believe how quick and easy it is to use

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Hardwood Garden Furniture Restorer

Bring old and greyed hardwood furniture back to life with our Hardwood Garden Furniture Reviver. Restore its natural look with minimum effort.


To make your decking look its best, all decking new or old needs preparing before putting on your finish.


Decking Cleaner and Reviver

Our Decking cleaner and reviver breathes new life in to tired, dirty decks. You can also use it on coated decks to keep it looking its best.

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Decking Restorer

Save your grey weathered decking with our Decking Restorer! Leave it 15 minutes and it will transform your decking to look like new.

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High Performance Decking and Garden Cleaner

Keep your garden and decking looking great with our High Performance Decking and Garden Cleaner. It not only cleans, it also keeps mould, and algae at bay for up to 6 months

Decking Stripper 2.5L 2013.png

Decking Stripper

Remove old stains and oils with our Decking Stripper, it's really easy to use and takes only 30 minutes. All you need is a day of good weather!

Decking End Grain Protector 750ml 2014.png

Decking End Grain Protector

Protect the cut ends of your decking from water damage with our Decking End Grain Protector. If left unprotected water can soak in and it could lead to rot and decay.

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