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Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint

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Even the most challenging weather conditions are no match for Ronseal Self-Cleaning Masonry paint. With a 15 year guarantee, you can do the job once and enjoy the satisfaction for years to come with a waterproof, breathable, dirt-repellent coating that protects your home and keeps it looking great. Showerproof in 30 minutes, you can even paint it on to damp surfaces, so there's really no excuse not to get on with the DIY.

  • 15 year performance guarantee
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Showerproof in 30 mins
  • Breathable & water resistant
  • Can apply to damp surfaces
  • Mould and algae resistant
  • Showerproof in 30 mins
  • Breathable & water resistant
  • Can apply to damp surfaces
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Coverage Calculator

How much paint do I need?

Measure your area precisely, drop the numbers into this smart calculator and it will tell you straight away how many litres you'll need to complete your project.

Use on the following surfaces
  • Masonry
  • Brick

Can also be used on fletton brick, concrete, cement, fibre cement board, stone (vertical only), previously painted masonry surfaces, pebbledash stucco, roughcast rendering.

4 colours available including:
Pure Brilliant White

Pure Brilliant White



Stone Grey

Stone Grey

Warm White

Warm White

How do I use it?

Number of coats

2 coats


Sprayer, roller or brush


10m2 per litre

When to use it?

Use in dry conditions above 10˚C. Can be applied to damp surfaces

How to use your Self-Cleaning Masonry Paint

Before you start

Prepare the surface first and remove any dirt, chalk, or grime such as mould, moss or algae. If there is existing paint that is damaged and flaking, make sure you remove the loose paint before starting. If you have a powdery or dusty surface, we'd recommend using a Masonry Stabiliser.

Don't worry if it's been raining, you can still paint with Ronseal Self-Cleaning Masonry even if the surface is a bit damp. With the correct cleaning and preparation, you'll make a great job of it.


We recommend that you paint in temperatures above 10°C, and that you don't apply the paint in humid conditions or in direct sunlight. Before you start, give the paint a good stir. If you've purchased multiple tubs of the same colour, we suggest you mix them together. We wouldn't recommend thinning the paint with water, it's ready to go straight from the tub.

You can use our Ronseal Self-Cleaning Masonry paint with a brush, a masonry roller or a suitable paint sprayer. If using a brush or roller, you should apply a generous amount of paint, always ensuring you overlap your brush strokes or roller lines to ensure it forms a solid, uniform coating. Avoid excessive rolling or brushing.

We'd always recommend applying 2 coats to ensure you have the best finish and durability. If you're undertaking a bold colour change, extra coats may be needed to cover the previous colour. You should leave at least 4 hours between each coat of paint, depending on weather conditions. The paint will dry slower in low temperatures and it may also take longer for the surface to become water resistant.

If you have any spillages when painting, just clean them up with a wet cloth before the paint dries


Remove as much paint as possible from your brushes and rollers and then clean them with warm, soapy water.

If you've used a paint sprayer, make sure you clean the sprayer out thoroughly. Wash the paint through, making sure you've cleaned out the wand and the nozzle too. Check your sprayer instruction manual for full instructions.

Please dispose of any unused paint responsibly. You should check with your local authority to see if they provide facilities for the disposal of waste paint. If you have leftover paint that cannot be re-used or stored, do not empty it into drains or watercourses. A top tip is to let it dry with shredded newspaper or cat litter, then once it's dried out you can dispose of it.

Technical Specification

Coverage Up to 10m2 per litre
Dry time Showerproof in 30 mins
Coat time 4 hours
Number of coats 2
Colours Pure Brilliant White, Magnolia, Stone Grey, Warm White
Finish Smooth Matt
Durability Lasts 15 years
Application Brush, roller or sprayer
Sizes 5L
VOC Minimal

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