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    • Do you sell clear (no colour) floor varnish?
      • Our Diamond Hard Floor Varnish is available in Clear Gloss, Satin and Matt. It's also available in a range of Satin colours. We don't recommend applying over paint, as they can react and discolour the paint. You can see our full range of Floor Varnishes here
    • Can I use wood varnish on laminate floor?
      • You can only use wood varnish on wooden floors or 'revarnish' laminate floors, as it won't stick to laminate flooring. If you want to refresh your laminate flooring, try our Laminate Floor Seal. It'll bring back the shine to your worn laminate flooring, as well as covering small scratches and scuffs. This is easy to apply. All you need is the product, a clean floor and a cloth. Apply it evenly over the surface and that's it. You're done!
    • What can I use to treat polyurethane floor?
      • Tools required 120 grade sandpaper Polyurethane Floor Lacquer Wood Filler Vacuum White Spirit 240 grade sandpaper To treat polyurethane flooring, use our Polyurethane Floor Lacquer. It protects against scratches, knocks and scuffs and can be used on domestic or commercial flooring. You'll need to first sand and previous coatings before use. If you need to quickly treat flooring, our Quick Cure Floor Seal is touch dry in 30 minutes and can be recoated in 90 minutes.
    • Which of your products replaces the Contract Quick Cure Floor Seal?
      • Our Contractor Quick Cure Floor Seal has been replaced by our Quick Cure Floor Seal. Quick Cure Floor Seal is extra durable against heavy foot traffic and chemicals. It can be used on domestic and commercial flooring. It's touch dry in just 30 minutes and can be recoated in 90 minutes. Simple!
    • Which heavy duty floor paint would you recommend?
      • If this is a commercial / industrial environment we would not recommend any of our products.
    • Can I paint a floor with a roller?
      • Yes, you can use either a good quality synthetic brush or a roller with our floor paints. Using a roller will be quicker, but you may need to put an extra coat on, as each coat will be thinner than applying by brush.
    • Can I put varnish over floor paint?
      • Floor Paint should be tough enough to withstand any wear and tear. However if you wanted to varnish over, we wouldn't recommend it, as varnishes intended for use indoors can react with the paint and cause a yellowing effect. This includes waterbased varnishes that would be clear without this reaction.
    • How can I achieve the perfect finish on my floor?
      • You want to keep your wooden floors looking beautiful. That means protecting them against shoes, spills and scuffs. That’s what our Floorcare range is for. There are three different kinds of finishes. Our Floor Varnish and Floor Wax give diamond hard protection. Floor Oil nourishes the wood, but you'll need to use it more often. To get a perfect finish on your flooring, try our Perfect Finish Diamond Hard Floor Varnish. It comes with our Perfect Finish pad that puts on just the right amount, so you don't get any brush marks. Its long handle also takes the backache out of varnishing your floor. It dries quickly, in just 30 minutes and will give diamond hard protection against knocks, scuffs and scratches whilst leaving a natural looking finish that shows off the grain of the wood. All you have to do is choose from any of our natural wood tones.
    • How should I prepare a floor for varnishing?
      • We know prep is a pain, but it’s worth it to get your floors looking their best. Start by sanding your floor. This will give the wood an even finish and help the varnish to stick. The easiest way to do this is with a floor sander. Use 120 grit sandpaper and go along the length of the boards. Make sure to wear a face mask, because it creates a lot of dust. Let the dust settle. Then give it a vacuum and wipe it down with white spirit. If you notice any holes or imperfections use our Multi Purpose Wood Filler to fill them in. 
    • Are your varnishes water based?
      • Our varnishes are water based. Water based finishes don't have bad odours and dry a lot quicker than solvent based finishes.
    • Can I use your varnish on concrete or cork floors?
      • None of our varnishes are suitable for concrete floors or cork tiles. On concrete, the varnish would sit on the surface and wouldn't dry. Our varnish could potentially soak into the cork floor tiles, expanding and damaging them.
    • Is the Garage Floor Paint a spirit, water, or an epoxy based paint?
      • It is water-based. This means it'll dry quicker and not have a strong smell.
    • Can I paint my metal garage door with your Garage Floor Paint?
      • No. We currently don't offer any product suitable for a garage door.
    • Do you offer Garage Floor Paint in blue?
      • Our Garage Floor Paint currently comes in Steel Blue, Slate, Tile Red & Green. 
    • Does the Garage Floor paint have non-slip properties? Could I mix sand in to make it more grippy?
      • Our Garage Floor Paint is formulated to be slip resistant. Don’t mix in sand as it might contain impurities which would affect dry times and adhesion.
    • What's the difference between Garage Floor Paint and One Coat Concrete Seal?
      • Concrete Seal is a clear coat that protects you floor from stains and marks, but leaves it looking natural. The Paint will protect and colour your floor.
    • What's the best way to remove Concrete Seal from a surface?
      • Concrete Seal is designed to penetrate the floor so it can be difficult to remove, and because it can be painted over once cured there’s no real need to remove it.
    • Can Concreate Seal be used for outdoor surfaces?
      • Concrete Seal can be used on interior and exterior flooring.
    • How to prepare a concrete floor for painting?
      • Leave newly laid concrete for a month before painting. Wire brush the floor and get rid of any dust. You'll need to seal the floor first with a stabilising solution to stop it from cracking or blistering or you can dilute the paint with 10% water. If the floor isn't newly laid, just wire brush the floor and give it a wipe with white spirit.
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