• Damp, Mould and Wall Paints
    • Why do I need to use a Primer and Undercoat?
      • Primers help you paint stick. Undercoats cover bold colours and dark marks. Our Primers and Undercoats do both.
    • Why is stain block better than normal emulsion?
      • Walls can get stained easily, especially when you have kids or pets. If you just paint over them with normal emulsion chances are they'll come back once the paint is dry. Our Stain Block will cover them up permanently.
    • Why use a spray paint?
      • Speed, spraying makes it quick and easy to use. It doesn't leave any brush marks. And there are no brushes to clean up after.
    • Why do I need to use a Primer & Undercoat?
      • Primers help paint stick. Undercoats cover dark marks and bold colours. Our Primers & Undercoats do both.
    • How to cover up interior damp?
      • You always need to find and fix the problem causing damp. Once that's done use our Damp Seal to cover any damp stains on your walls.
    • Why is stain block better than normal emulsion?
      • Stain Block is a Wall Primer to use under your emulsion. It's made to block stains and stop them showing through your top coat.
    • Damp is causing wood to rot, how do I fix and prevent this?
      • There are many potential causes for both wet and dry rot, it's best to call a reputable tradesman for an assessment if you aren't sure of the root cause, it generally comes down to a combination of humidity/condensation and poor ventilation. Once the root cause has been identified and fixed, the damaged wood can be repaired. Rotten timber should be either replaced, or cut away and filled. A good quality primer and topcoat should then be applied, this will keep the moisture out of the wood and prevent further rot from occurring.
    • Can I use damp seal paint on wallpaper?
      • This would not stop the damp damaging the wall paper. And even though it would cover the damp stain, it could still cause the wallpaper to come away from the wall and peel off. You should remove the wall paper, then use damp seal and then you can put new wallpaper over it.
    • Are your products safe to use in the kitchen?
      • Our products are mostly safe to use in Kitchens, bathrooms and other interior rooms. Just give the back of the tin a read to double check.
    • Does your anti-mould paint come in clear colour?
      • Our Anti-Mould paint comes in a clear coat. This means you can paint over the top of any coloured paint without it changing colour. 
    • How soon after applying mould killer can I apply paint?
      • When using our Mould Killer Spray you can paint over as soon as the surface is dry. This will vary from job to job depending on how much spray has been used and the temperature of the room.
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