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Why not check out Ronseal's Pocket Parent and helpful guides while you're here and get all the support you need with your next DIY project?


Doesn't matter if you are an avoid-er or a pro when it comes to DIY, Ronseal is here to help!

We’ve created Ronseal’s Pocket Parent on Facebook Messenger. If you need help painting your fence, doing your decking or getting your outdoor windows and doors sorted, search for Ronseal Pocket Parent on Facebook Messenger. It will answer all your questions and tell you what products you need and how to use them.

All the expert advice you need...

We've partnered with Mums and Dads who are no strangers to a toolbox and ready to share their tips & tricks.

Products that do the work for you...

We made every product super simple to use so there isn’t too much to learn. You’ll go from beginner to bona-fide in no time. 










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