How to paint a wooden front door

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There’s no point replacing a door when a lick of paint can make it look brand new again. Make a statement with a bright colour or opt for a classic white, cream or grey.

What you’ll need

10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint (or a suitable alternative)

- A synthetic paintbrush

- Sandpaper

- Primer (If you’re not using a product from our range, check the manufacturer’s instructions of your chosen paint to see if you need to apply a primer first.)


Step by step guide

First things first, you don’t need a primer with our Weatherproof Wood Paint which helps to make this job even quicker. So once you’ve prepped the wood, you can start painting straight away.

1. Ready your door

Remove any metal fixtures and fittings including the numbers, door handle and post box.

Clean the door using a diluted all-purpose general cleaner to remove any grime and dirt.

2. Prepare the wood

You need to prepare the surface before you paint it.

For bare wood, use 120 grit sandpaper to sand in the direction of the woodgrain and smooth out the surface. This helps the paint stick to the surface.

Once the dust has settled, wipe down your door with white spirit.

If you spot any holes of cracks, fill them in and cover knots with knot blocker to stop them showing through your new paint.

For previously painted doors in a good condition, lightly sand it with 240 grit sandpaper. Once the dust has settled, wipe the surface down with white spirit.

For wooden doors with flaking, cracked or peeling paint, use 120 grit sandpaper to sand away the paint down to the bare wood. We recommend using an electric sander to make a quick job of it but you could use a flat scraper. Once the dust has settled, wipe it away with white spirit.

3. Prime the wood

If you’re using our 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint, you don’t need to use a primer so you can skip this step.

If using another product, apply your primer to the door and leave it to dry. Make sure you cover it thoroughly so your paint sticks consistently.


4. Apply the paint

Give your paint a really good stir so the colour pigments are thoroughly mixed. Apply the paint with a synthetic brush in the direction of the grain.

Leave it to dry for four hours and apply to second coat.

If your front door is bare wood, you’ll still be able to see the grain after two coats so will need a third one for solid colour.

The last coat will be weatherproof in only one hour.


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