Refresh Your Garden Furniture Before Summer Arrives

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As summer approaches, your garden furniture will need to be ready to be used again, whether it’s your picnic table, your garden chairs or a bench. Make sure these are all in good condition as BBQ season arrives with our top tips for making your garden furniture ready for the sunshine.

Clean up

After a long winter, wooden garden furniture may become worn. Sitting down to a BBQ in summer on a dirty picnic bench is not ideal. Our Garden Furniture Cleaner quickly removes grease and dirt, all you need is a cloth! Give any furniture in need of a clean a quick wipe, perfectly prepping your garden for having friends over on summer evenings.

Nourish and protect

Garden furniture loses natural oils and colour through weathering, but you can restore these using Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil. It is available in three shades to revive your woods colour whilst nourishing the wood from the inside out. The oil dries in 2 hours, so you won’t have to wait too long before you can start to use your garden chairs again! If you’re short on time, we also have Ronseal Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil, which comes complete with a Perfect Finish Pad for easy application and it dries in just one hour.

Add some colour

For an even greater range of colour when your garden furniture is looking a bit dull, try our Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain. It comes in six different colours from Deep Mahogany to Natural Cedar. This product really enhances the natural wood grain, and as you don’t have to recoat as often as oil it’ll give your furniture great protection year after year.


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