How To Get Your Decking BBQ Ready

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Get ready for long summer days and delicious BBQs! If you’re planning on having a BBQ on your decking, make sure it is in perfect condition for entertaining guests on – especially if you haven’t used it for a while.

Do you have any old or worn product already on your decking? Before recoating it’s a good idea to remove these to get the best finish possible. Using Ronseal Decking Stripper, you can remove any stains or oils easily in just 30 minutes.

Adding a lick of paint to your decking can really make it feel brand new. Our Ronseal Decking Rescue Paint comes in ten different colours to choose from. The paint smooths down rough surfaces, locks down splinters and fills in cracks. The colour is also long lasting, so you can enjoy your new deck colour without worrying about colour fading.

If you’re happy with your current decking colour or you have fairly new decking, nourish the wood and give it a natural finish with our Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Oil. The oil comes in a variety of natural wood shades, and it comes with a handy applicator that makes the job five times faster, so you can bring your decking back to life in a flash!


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