Tips from the top: Turn days of work into hours with products from Ronseal

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At Ronseal we know that DIY isn’t always fun – so here are a few of our favourite products to help get the job done quicker.

Refresh Your Decking in a Heartbeat

Oiling your decking can be a chore, but to help you get the job done quickly Ronseal Perfect Finish Ultimate Protection Decking Oil comes with a tool that really takes the hassle out – an application pad which gets the job done five times faster than normal. It’s also rainproof in 90 minutes, which saves time hanging around waiting to use your new, replenished decking – especially as you never know when the British weather might turn!

Upcycle Furniture in Minutes

If you have a piece of old furniture that could do with a quick colour update – look no further than our Chalky Furniture Paint, available in a range of vintage pastel colours. Most furniture paints will need primers and take hours to dry, but Chalky Furniture Paint doesn’t need primer and is touch dry in 30 minutes – a great timesaver.

One Coat Protection For Your Fencing

Painting your fence can be a bore, but it doesn’t need to take hours. Use Ronseal One Coat Fence Life to revamp your fence, it’s available in seven colours and only takes 1-2 hours to become waterproof. You only need to done coat, saving you huge amounts of time.

Brighten Up Your Flower Pots in an Hour

If you’re looking to inject some colour to the garden, try Ronseal Garden Paint. Garden Paint can be used on wood, brick, terracotta and metal, and comes in 28 different colours to suit any garden. The paint is rainproof in just one hour, so whether you want to add a splash of colour to a flowerpot or paint a bench, the job will be done in no time.


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