How to prep for big jobs around the home

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Taking on a DIY task can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of things you can do to prepare for work in the home and the more you do before you start, the easier the job will be once you get going.
Here are our Marketing Manager, Caroline's top tips for prepping your house for big jobs…

Clear the clutter

An empty room is much easier to work in than one jam-packed with stuff. If possible, move everything out of the room you’re working in so you’ve got no obstacles in your way. If you can’t remove things entirely, push all furniture to one side of the room and pack and belongings into boxes.

Keep it clean

The most important part of prepping for a DIY job is to make sure you have a clean area to begin with. Whatever you’re working on – painting a wall, tiling the bathroom or even laying a carpet – start by cleaning up. Sweep, dust, vacuum, wash and wipe down – it will make your job easier and give you a better finish when it’s all done.

Protect the space

No one wants a paint-splattered carpet or garden ruined by wood stain, so protecting your surrounding area is really important. Use decorators’ plastic sheeting or even old bedding to cover your furniture, flooring or flowers, securing with masking tape if needed to ensure everything is fully covered

Mark and measure first

There’s nothing worse than finishing a DIY job to step back and see it’s crooked, off-centre or doesn’t fit the space. To avoid overhanging tiles, wonky wallpaper and too-big timber, do all your marking and measuring before you start. Check and check again to make sure your numbers are right, and step back regularly to review your work.

Watch out for pets

Lots of banging about the home can be really distressing for pets – they don’t understand what’s happening and can often get spooked by loud noises. Cats in particular are prone to panicking during DIY jobs, so try to keep them away from the action – if you’re undertaking a very big job, it might be best for them to stay elsewhere until you’re done.

Stock up before you start

We’ve all been there – you’re halfway through painting a wall when the tin runs dry, and a quick dash to the shop proves useless as they’re out of stock. Queue fruitless searching for another stockist nearby and a week’s wait for an online delivery, by which time you could’ve had the job done and dusted. Calculate how much product you’ll need before you start your job and make sure you’re stocked up – you can always return anything you don’t use.



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