Ronseal Perfect Finish Interior Wax – Product Review

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We love hearing what people think of our products and finding out how they use them to make their homes that little bit better. We asked some Facebook fans to pick a product from our range, use them to improve their home – and tell us all about it.
Paul from Kent had a great project – he wanted to treat his kids’ pine table and chairs with our Medium Oak Interior Wax in time for their birthdays. So how did it go and what did he think? Paul sent us this review, with before and after photos – thanks very much Paul!

We currently have a lot of dark wood on the skirting boards and door frames in our house and were keen to lighten this up to a lighter Oak colour. We had previously tried out a stain, and topped this with a clear wax, which worked well - but felt the colour of the stain we used was a little 'orange' in tone.
So this was the perfect chance to test a our Medium Oak Interior Wax, we decided to test it on our kids’ untreated pine table. As this table was brand new, the wood was extremely smooth, so as per the instructions on the tin, I just gave it a wipe over with a damp cloth prior to using the wax.
I applied the wax with a brush – it goes on very nicely, although you need to keep an eye on the 'wet' edge as it does dry quickly, especially on new wood.


It was touch-dry very quickly and dry enough for the second coat within the hour, so there was no need to wait around. The recommended three coats gave a very even colour, and the product went on easily.
One difference I found versus the stains I previously used was that with wax you need to watch the brush strokes to make sure you’re in line with the grain of the wood and look for runs around the more intricate parts to the table. You’d need to take care if you were applying it to something more complicated like a moulded door.
But after all three coats had been applied we ended up with nice even colour, although in our view this medium oak is still a little yellow in tone for our ideal shade.


So in summary, I felt this product was pretty easy to use, with a quick drying time. However, you need to take care regarding runs and deeper colour forming in intricate parts and this wax has a unique texture compared to some waxes.


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