Brighten Up Your Garden For The Last Of The Summer Sun

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Gardens can be beautifully bright places, especially in the height of summer, as flowers are blooming and plants are full of colour.

As summer enters its last few weeks and your greenery begins to fade, it’s the perfect time to add some brightness to your garden. The weather’s hopefully good enough to get the job done fast, and you’ll enjoy your handiwork during the tail-end of summer and all through winter.

Pick Up The Paintbrush

Using a bold colour outdoors can seem daunting. You might feel unsure about painting a large wall a bright colour. But we have a great range of colours that complement each other, so just choose the ones you like.


House Beautiful recommends using grey as a backdrop for vivid green plants. A shed wall or fence would work really well for this. This makes the most of the greenery that lasts through the winter. Our Slate Garden Paint is ideal — it’s an elegant grey, and works on most surfaces like wood, brick, terracotta and metal.

To bring back memories of summer, try pairing vivid green-blue with a sunshine yellow. Our Peacock and Sundial Garden Paints would be perfect to use together. A section of blue brickwork would look great next to some yellow pots and tiles. If you’re feeling brave, you could even paint some garden furniture yellow.


Take a look at our Garden Paint video for more inspiration.

Evergreen Fingers


A bare garden during the coldest months is a sad sight. Help is at hand - evergreen plants are a gardener’s dream. They add colour, are easy to care for, and last all the way through winter.

A small space needs compact evergreens that will stand up to some hard pruning. If you have space, there are tall, leafy bamboos that will give your garden a feeling of life when everything around it has died back.

Naturally Bright


Brighten up wooden doors in just a few simple and easy steps. Our 10 Year Weatherproof Wood Paint will protect woodwork as well as providing a colourful update, guaranteed for ten years. 

You’ll need to set a little extra time aside, but it’ll be worth it. After sanding down your surface, just brush on the paint, wait four hours, and then repeat twice again. It’ll be rainproof in one hour, so pick a clear, warm day — this time of year might be your last chance for a while!

There are plenty more products that will give your garden a bright and colourful sheen as summer turns to winter — check them out on our Garden Products page.


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