Ronseal Sapling Green Garden Paint – Product Review by Nic Parton

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We've been asking our Facebook fans to put our Garden Paints range to the test and Nic Parton from Southampton used it to spruce up his old shed.

He opted for a fresh Sapling Green colour to give the ‘tired’ structure a much-needed pick me up and provide some timely protection against the elements.
His informative review, featuring some great before and after pictures, is featured below so thanks Nic!

Garden Paint Review

We were lucky enough to be chosen to give our shed a fresh lick of paint - something it desperately needed - as part of a recent Ronseal Facebook competition.

Our shed was white but since we moved into our house two years ago, it’s been looking a little sorry for itself. Throughout each season the white paint has been cracking and popping off into our numerous flower pots more and more.

We decided to use Ronseal Sapling Green Garden Paint to show it some love, provide some weatherproofing and make it look cared for again.

As the previous owners had painted the shed with an emulsion, we weren't 100 per cent sure about preparation and didn't know whether we would need to use sugar soap or whether painting directly on top would give us an even surface.

When we checked our pot of Ronseal Garden Paint, it advised us to sand the shed, so we did, taking off the top ‘crispy’ bits of paint and leaving a lovely smooth surface to paint on to.


The Garden Paint went on really well and really easily, which was great. We gave the shed three coats, spread over a weekend to ensure that the colour was even (as suggested by Ronseal).

We found that within an hour of applying, each coat was touch dry. This was fantastic because it meant that if we had have been caught by a downpour, all our hard work wouldn't have washed away.

By the end, we were really happy with the results. Our shed now looks clean and fresh again and the colour is lovely and relaxing in our small garden. Thank you Ronseal!



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