Ronseal Garden Paint – Product Review
 by Sassie Clarke

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We’re so pleased with our current range of Garden Paints that we’re asking our Facebook fans to test them out and give us their honest opinions. Sassie Clarke from Cambridgeshire asked if she could try our Garden Paint. So we sent her one of our favourite colours, Lime Zest, and asked her to try it across a variety of surfaces.
Sassie didn't disappoint, and really put the paint to the test. She sent us this great product review, along with some photos of her handiwork. Thanks Sassie!


Ronseal Garden Paint Review

Upon opening, the Lime Zest Garden Paint was true to the colour shown on the can. The paint was nice and thick and it needed only a quick stir before it was ready to apply. The first item to undergo transformation was an old terracotta dish planter that had been cleaned of any remnants of soil.

The paint was brushed on, taking care to avoid any runs. After the first coat it was left to dry for about 45 minutes, before a second and final coat was applied. This was then left to dry for another hour before it was ready for planting.
The result is excellent – a lovely smooth texture and a colour that has totally revitalised this old planter, which I have filled with a miniature Narcissi Tête-à-Tête for a stunning display come Spring.

The next items to get the treatment were a couple of terracotta plant pots. Once again, I made sure they were clean and free of soil before I started painting.

The terracotta surface seemed to soak up the paint, and I found I needed to apply three coats in total - leaving 45 mins between each coat - to get the desired finish, but I am really pleased with how they now look. They have been filled with viola and winter pansies and really compliment the garden furniture!


After a visit to my local Garden Centre over the weekend, I got an idea from a Gisella Graham trug I saw on display - and thought I'd try the Garden Paint out on my old wooden Sussex Trug.

It was well weathered, to say the least, and had been relegated to being used to store gardening bits and bobs. First I washed it out and then made sure it was dry before painting it with a brush. But after two quick coats of Garden Paint, the results speak for themselves. Now it’s definitely as good as the one on sale in the Garden Centre – and this one is all my own handiwork!


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