Happy International Men’s Day: Meet Our DIY Dads

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To celebrate International Men’s Day 2015 on November 19th, Ronseal have asked three influential Dad bloggers to share stories about their DIY relationships with their families. Today we will share with you the first story in the series, with our DIY Dad Tom Briggs…

Refitting the Bathroom with Dad

by Tom Briggs of DAD.info

Websites: http://dad.info/ and http://www.diaryofthedad.co.uk

Twitter: @dad_info and @DiaryOfTheDad

I’ve always thought that my Dad and Uncle are similar to The Chuckle Brothers. Don’t get me wrong – they’re not prone to DIY disasters, but it’s the way they interact with each other that reminds me of the famous comical TV duo I’ve caught them using the immortal phrase “to me… to you” without irony on several occasions!

The three of us recently refitted my bathroom. I felt like a bit of an imposter at first because they’d worked together on several such jobs before. Fortunately, our bathroom is huge so there was much less chance of a Keystone Cops scenario.

Dad and I are better at the destructive side of DIY and soon had the shower screen and tiles down. Uncle Tom removed the toilet and basin in a matter of minutes, and despite a problem with one ill-fitting part, we had their replacements in place by the end of day one.

Next morning, Dad and I deployed brute force and ignorance to remove the bath, whilst Uncle Tom did a contortionist routine freeing it from the pipes beneath. We then did some father-son bonding with the bath, using an angle grinder in the front garden, while my Uncle installed the new tub.

After the tiles had been added and dried overnight, we put our new and incredibly heavy shower screen in place. The scene was reminiscent of the famous statue of the American soldiers planting their flag!

Installing my new bathroom was a fine example of family teamwork. Except for the end panel, which I’ve left for the next generation to contend with…

Do you have a DIY story to share or is your dad a DIY expert? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter to let us know your anecdote by using the hashtag #DIYDad.

You can also find out more about International Men’s Day by visiting ukmensday.org.uk


One summer me and my dad put a new fence, oh the fun we had VARNISHING it. warms the cockles of my heart :)
19 November 2015

There was a time that my father and I put in loft insulation together one summer, only for our next tenant to rip it all up and replace it with soil to grow plants in the roof. Ah, good times.
19 November 2015

John Sheppard
Haha, reminds me of when me and my dad had to varnish a wooden table just before xmas. family was on the way from canada.
19 November 2015

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