Reclaim Your Decking This Summer With Decking Rescue Paint

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With the nights getting lighter and the weekends getting longer, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and spruce up your old decking ready for summer. And what better way to refresh tired or grey decking than with Ronseal Decking Rescue Paint.

Choose from a range of eight strong colours, including Chestnut, Maple or Charcoal, to create a deck that will look stunning and stay weatherproofed all year long.

Perfect for reviving cracked and weathered decks, it will even fill any small gaps and cover greying wood, saving you another job and the cost of replacing it.

Using the Decking Rescue Paint couldn’t be easier. It’s rainproof in 90 minutes, and you can recoat it in 4 hours, so you can get the job done in a day.

Then all you have to do is sit back and admire the view from your beautiful new deck.


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