Preparing for Summer Party Celebrations

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We're well into summertime now, and while the weather’s been a mixed bag, the occasional hot and sunny days are proving perfect for family time in the garden. And while it’s great to grab some grub food from the fridge and snack outside, sometimes it also feels good to push the boat out and throw your own family party.

But how can you make your garden look great for your guests without spending hours and a lot of money on prep? And we know it would help if you can get children involved too to keep them busy.

So we’ve rounded up a few effective ideas. They’re easy to do, and will keep kids happy while you prepare the rest.


Even a small garden space will be instantly cheered up and looking party-ready with some colourful bunting strewn across it. And making some long streams of bunting is easy, and you don’t need a sewing machine.

Blogger Gemma at The Sweetest Digs has a great plan for making streams of bunting simply with just ribbon, glue, scissors and some triangles of fabric. Old bits of cloth are great for this, or you can use colourful paper, like old wrapping paper or magazines.


If your party heads into the night, here’s a clever and simple way of illuminating your garden. This is another fun crafty project that will occupy small hands, and it just needs some patterned paper, small paper cups — and for you to dig out some fairy lights from last Christmas!

This step by step guide from Totally Love It shows you how to make these fun lights. They’ll even compliment the bunting. The whole process is easy: you only need to glue paper to party cups and pop each light through a small incision in the base. Job done.

Then, as darkness starts to fall, you can hit a switch and keep the party going!



Garden decking is still a hugely popular addition to outdoor areas all over the UK, and a good decking space is great spot to host a party. However, decking can attract dirt, stains and algae over time, and who wants to welcome guests onto that?

Our Decking Cleaner & Reviver is a perfect, quick solution for your dirty decking. Just pour on the liquid, grab a stiff brush and scrub away. Then leave it to sit for a few minutes and wash off.

Your deck will look brighter and the wood’s natural look will be enhanced straight away. It’s also ideal preparation for the wood if you’re looking to re-coat your decking with our high-protection Decking Stain or Decking Oil, too. Or to give your decking a bigger refresh, we have greys and white in our decking stain range.

Freshen Garden Spaces

We also have a range of garden paints, that come in colours from soft greens to vibrant yellows - it just depends how much colour you want to splash.

So why not give it all a go? Your party guests will love your smart, colourful decorations — and your summer party will be a memorable one!


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