Bringing your Garden Back to Life

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Nothing beats the feeling of finally relaxing in a chair in the sunniest corner of your garden — especially if it’s with a glass of your favourite tipple to hand.

But who wants to pull out a chair only to find that it’s too flaky to sit on? Your garden furniture will look better and last longer when you've given it the right protection.

We know you've got better things to do than spend time protecting your tables and chairs every year — which is where our quick, effective and tough woodcare products come in.

To transform your patio furniture, you need to make sure you do the job right. We have what you need to get it done.

Start with the stripper

To save hours sanding down the old finish, we have a new, and simple solution.

Start the job simply with our Garden Furniture Stripper. It couldn't be easier: brush it on, and wait 30 minutes. Then it’s the messy bit, but it’s worth it: grab a stiff brush and just scrub away. If you need to loosen it further, just splash on some water. It’ll all come right off -: old paint, stains, oil and all. If there’s any crevices your brush won’t reach, something sharp like a palette knife and scrape it out.

It’s that easy. The stripper will leave the wood perfectly prepared for whatever you choose to re-coat it with.

Get it finished


You have loads of choices for this part - it just depends what you’re looking for.

If you want a stain for your furniture that will protect it from everything the elements will throw at it, then our Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain is the perfect choice. It gives deeper colour than an oil, so it’s great for protecting older furniture.

It’s not called “Ultimate Protection” Stain for nothing - it’ll give your furniture the best protection that we offer and it looks great too.

It’s hard-wearing, and it’ll be rainproof in only an hour. There’s a shade to suit your furniture, with six shades to choose from, including sophisticated natural cedar, classic English oak and deep mahogany – so you’ll find a colour that makes your wood look good.

These rich colours are designed to bring out the grain of the wood beautifully, and they will protect your furniture for years to come.

If you have Hardwood garden furniture, it’s worth a bit of extra effort so that it look its best. To really showcase the natural look of your wood, try our Ultimate Protection Hardwood Oil. It won’t colour your furniture like our Furniture Stain will - instead, it replaces natural oils to make it look like new and just adds a tint of colour.

It’s just as simple to apply. Lightly sand your furniture to prepare the surface and then give it a quick wipe with white spirit. Then rub on the oil with a cloth, leave to dry, and apply again. For the very best protection, go for a third coat – and your chairs and tables will look great all year round.

So whether you’re looking for a new colour or to bring out the natural beauty of your wood – we’ve got you covered. Check out our full Garden Furniture range to see what’s right for you.


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