5 DIY Jobs To Do Whilst The Weather Lasts

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Welcome to autumn. Out of nowhere we’re seeing leaves on the floor and a chill in the air. Before winter creeps up on us there are still a load of DIY projects you can do. These will help protect your garden for winter and also for next spring.

1. Use your leaves

Fallen leaves during autumn are nice to look at but for others they’re just irritating clutter in the garden. Removing them can have a number of benefits to your garden allowing your lawn to breathe and your plants to grow.

Start by clearing up all your leaves, depending on how lazy you feel you can either use a good old-fashioned rake or blast them into a pile using a leaf-blower. Once they’re in a pile, resist the urge to kick them everywhere, instead, shred them into smaller pieces using a lawnmower.

Why would you do this? Leaves can be used as compost or used as mulch for next spring.

2. Clean out your gutters

This is without a doubt one of the essential tasks to tackle during autumn as failure to do so can lead to damage.
Why is this important?

  • A clean gutter directs rainwater away from your house
  • It prevents water damage from building up on your walls, affecting any wooden features to the exterior of the house.
  • Prevents mould and stops health problems arising from mould

Grab a ladder and clear out the leaves or anything else which may be causing blockages in your gutters and downpipes. Throw a bucket of water along the guttering and in the downpipe – this will flush out any rubbish and also check if any of the guttering is leaking.

3. Check for cracks

Summer is officially over, that means the heating is back on. Save your bills by sorting out cracks in your house.

Check around doors and windows where cold drafts can get through. For larger cracks, the best way to tackle them is by using caulk - this is a waterproof filler and sealant, used in building work and repairs. Or, you can try our Multi Purpose Smooth Finish Filler for smaller cracks.

For windows, place clingfilm over small cracks – this is a cheap way to insulate your windows and seal drafts. It might not look great but if you’re on a budget, this will do the trick.

4. Paint your decking and wood

With winter on its way, autumn is an important time to prepare any outdoor wood - such as decking - from the bad weather ahead. Select a decking stain or oil that is waterproof and apply it to dry fences or decking in your garden, which should significantly extend the lifespan of the wood and protect it from the damp winter weather.

Don’t know your oils from your stains? Take a look at this quick video that will help you choose the right product.

Another reason why you need to apply this now rather than later is that for the products to work to their potential they need to be applied in temperatures above 10 degrees – that means you haven’t got long left!

You can also use this as a time to try something new with your garden, perhaps by trying a new colour of paint that you haven’t previously. We have a whole range of decking products here for you to look at.

5. Planting for the year to come

Autumn can be the perfect time for planting flowers, plants and shrubs and veg to help your garden look great next year. However, there are a few steps to take first before you start planting any old thing.

  • First job is to dig out the gardening gloves - you’ll need to make sure your garden is ship-shape.
  • You should have already cleared all leaves from the ground as mentioned above which will allow for a bit of breathing and growing space for new plants.
  • Select your plants/veg etc.

The choice really is up to you , a few bits that are in season include onions, garlic and kale and sowing turnips for spring greens in March and April or planting new strawberry beds.

We hope that these tips give you some useful pointers for protecting your home for winter, saving money and preparing for the year to come.


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